There were mixed reactions as to the questions and answers posed to the president of Ghana during his occasional meet the press forum. Sections of the populace were not impressed, they believe that some of the questions were not strong enough. There were others who were also not impressed with some of the answers which were given by the president. People believe hardships experienced by the average Ghanaian was not catered for at the event. The expectations ranged from economic issues like the cedi’s fall, inflation and issues of unemployment to security issues. Most of them also did have much clarity. However, these issues are relatively lower compared to the questions on sports. Concerns were raised through several interviews in Kumasi the government stronghold, that the answers the president gave in respect to sports were not impressive enough.

Corruption has long dimed the image of the Ghana Football Association. These perception has resulted mostly from the autonomy of the association. Though the association partly depends on the government for funding it is not obligated to account its details to the government. Sectors of the populace including renowned politicians like former minister Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpure, senior minister Yaw Osafo Marfo, Kwabena Yeboah and former British ambassador Jon Benjamin have all testified to the corrupt nature of the Ghana Football Association. The FA’s response to these allegations has been to attack these people and not to answer the questions posed. Several bribery allegations have also surrounded the GFA. The acts of Osei Palmer and Joseph Lamptey the referee have confirmed this. Ghana has suffered disgracefully in the hands of the managers of the FA with the Brazil World Cup and their referees as examples. The question was posed by one of the country’s renowned journalist Countryman Songo inquiring about government’s effort to revert the perception of corruption that has marred the reputation of the football association. Sports, in general, was under-represented at the forum and the president spent just a few seconds to answer a question which most Ghanaians were enthusiastic about. Many people feel that the president just brushed the question aside.

Knowing the president’s stance when it comes to corruption got people elated after his election. But his reaction and answer to the question shocked and disappointed many. This is more so because of the fact that it was a part of their campaign promises. Also immediately after the awful incident in Brazil which saw the airlifting of millions of dollars, the opposition’s representative of sports and current sports minister held a press conference condemning the act. Ghanaians now feel all those were to boost their political image because he has done nothing about it in office.The president’s reply to the question was that he had forgotten about the commission of inquiry report and it has not been on his radar. Really, Mr. President? What happened in Brazil may arguably the most embarrassing blunder in World Cup history. Nana Addo showed how serious we are as a country when he hosted his French counterpart last year, embarrassing him at it. However, France called it the darkest day in their history when their coach was insulted by Anelka. This act resulted in the sack of their sports minister, their FA Boss, coach and five important players. Now that is serious. Was that interference??

The significance of sports and especially football cannot be understated in Ghana. It thrills many and provides opportunities for many more. The president within his first year in office accomplished some tough promises like the restoration of nurse allowance, prosecutors bill, free education and the halt of galamsay activities. With this accomplishment, his attitude towards the white paper may feel intentional. There have been suspicions in the past that the president of the Ghana football association’s relationship with the current government being a good one will disrupt the progress of the game. They expected the president who has been a strong advocate in the fight for corruption to give a good account in regard to the question of sports corruption. Though government cannot interfere with the affairs of the Football Association measures can be taken to revert their perceived corrupt practices.


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