Assin Akyem representative in parliament Hon. Kennedy Agyapong couldn’t hold back his unsavory words in a talk show telecasted on live TV. The lawmaker took turns to insult several popular figures in the country. People from all political parties including his own were attacked by the outspoken politician. Other people in various notable institutions were also not spared. He believes that these people are either corrupt or derailing the progress of Ghana. Early this week Mr. Kennedy Agyapong made the list of most controversial people in Ghana in an article compiled by The article revealed how the man is a loose mouth who attacks almost everybody. He is mostly right to criticize them however it is his choice of words that let him down. He also starred controversies by attacking the likes of Anita de Soso and Afia Schwarsnegga who are equally controversial.  In this interview which featured Nana Aba Anamoa, the parliamentarian cited several people who he has personal rifts with while using very harsh words at it. He again pointed out that it would be hypocritical on his path if he kept mute and that he fears only God and loves Ghana. Second place in his heart is his party the NPP but he revealed that that does not stop him from criticizing them too. He also mentioned that his party only cheer when he attacks opposition but when he gives them the same treatment they become disappointed. The honorable then stated emphatically that he is not afraid to die for what he believes in.

The Ghanaian lawmaker again in the interview stated that successive coup governments targeted very successful businessmen. Mr. Agyapong revealed that the likes of Boakyes, Kwahus and Poku Transport were attacked needlessly. These were hard-working people who had made something of themselves in their time. They were however sabotaged to suffer loses and in some cases chased out of the country. This he said has resulted in people feeling insured when investing in the country though it is better compared to the western countries. He believed that though this happened in the past people may have passed on the panic to the next generations. He cited this in an example of his properties costing him in terms of mortgages and upkeep whiles he could have made that investment in Ghana.


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