Agya Koo has launched a new attack on movie producers in the country. He said that the producers had a deliberate plot to undermine his hard earned progress in the movie industry. The one time poster boy of the industry said he had the opportunity to be in the presence of the Ashanti King who urged him to advise his colleagues in the industry on the rise of nudity in their products. He was however met with a strong resistance from the producers when he tried to relay the goodwill message. Thus, Agya Koo took it upon himself to canvas support from fans and campaign against the act which was becoming the norm. This he said did not sit well with the producers. And they tried to bring him down first by giving him nudity roles which would have undermined what he stood for, then when that did not work, they held a meeting to side-line him. He revealed that he knows this because he had a hand in the success of most of the producers. Some producers have made conflicting arguments in the past. These producers revealed that Agya Koo became bossy in the industry by becoming picky and charging exorbitant fees. The actor replied these allegations saying he became picky due to his health complications among other things and dared producers to come out with the prices he charged.
The actor then reiterated that producers are always close to his heart and that he hates it especially when they ran at a loss. He recounted a time he slapped a director for drinking on the job because he felt he was wasting a producer’s investment. The director was contacted and though he expressed the fact that Agya Koo’s misfortune was because of his arrogance, he confirmed that he did receive a slap from the actor. And a big one as recounted by Agya Koo.

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