The Rich life of Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale is no doubt the hottest Musician in Ghana at the minute. And with this comes great wealth.
The source of his money comes from his Album sales, singles, the amount he charges per concert and other endorsements.
The Ghana music industry has grown for a while.A few years ago, it was so hard to hear a musician charge as much as 50,000 or 100,000 cedis just to play a show.
But today, the likes of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and others can quote an amount they are worth.
Charles Nii Armah popularly known as Shatta Wale was born on 17th October 1984 in Accra, Ghana.Popularly known for his gifted dancehall talent has placed him the dancehall artiste in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
Shatta Wale net worth is estimated at $5 million cash, according to some online sources.
Is not just through Album, singles and touring that has allowed Shatta Wale to live such a lavish life but he has other streams of income such as the checks he collects from his youtube channel and other endorsements.
He charges as much as 100, 000 cedis per show. And he is known to perform many concerts in Ghana and around the world. And the Truth be told the money in Music these days comes from concerts and touring it makes the biggest contributor to Shatta Wale $5Millon Dollar Net Worth, Very impressive. It looks like whole lots of fun.
Now Let look at what he spends his money on.
Shatta Wale in a social media post has suggested his new property cost him a whopping $1 million.
His cars collection includes Range Rover, Toyota Camry, Corolla S Pontiac and Hyundai Sonata.
Over the years, Shatta Wale has been spotted driving a lot of luxury cars under the sun.
From Lamborghini to Ferrari
He spends thousands of dollars on design wears and he travels on  private jets
As part of his philanthropy works, in February 2016, Shatta Wale donated some items to the Police Hospital in Accra. These items included 3 LED TV, Wheel Chairs, Beverages, Detergents, and many others. He also made an undisclosed cash donation to save the life of a young girl and also to help with general administrative work at the government-owned establishment
Shatta Wale gave a lucky loyal fan a brand-new Toyota Camry on New Year’s Day.
The car was part of several items the artiste gave away on the day to his die-hard fans. It was his way of showing appreciation to them.
So this is the rich life of Shatta Wale, He surely living larger than life.
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