Stonebwoy otherwise known as Livingstone Etse Sateka, rise to fame has been a motivating story to many. This is especially so as he was left handicapped in a vehicle accident. Limping from then was not the saddest part of the incident because he lost his twin brother during the accident. This sad incident could not cease him from realising his dream of becoming a musician and a fine one at it. He has suffered several ridiculing moments because of his situation with his “arch rival” Shatta Wale among a tall list of people who mimicked the way he walked. Stonebwoy became huge success in 2015 becoming the best in the music industry winning the GMA Best Artiste of the year and Best African Act at the BET Awards. With relatively more capital he decided to finally undergo a surgery in Germany. This however was marred by the sad news of his mother’s death.

Stonebwoy still went on to do the surgery which took three months to heal. Germany is renowned for their amazing surgical prowess with notable names like Manual Nauer and Kobe Bryant undergoing similar procedures. The procedure is a knee replacement surgery and can lasts up to 3 hours. It consists of changing some or all parts of the knee joint with an artificial implant to correct damaged areas. The procedure can eliminate pain if there is any, renew stability and movements and correct deformities improving quality of life. It carries possible risks like bleeding, further injury, nerve damage, numbness, blood clots etc. these are however less likely to occur or are minimal. The procedure can cost up to $20,000 and it is not less than $12,000. Thus it is around GHC50000 to GHC85000 in Ghanaian currency. That much is something but Stonebwoy did not brag about it. Other artistes may have resulted to bragging and over pricing. The procedure has also boosted Stonbwoy’s performances and has introduced us to the dancing side of one of Ghana’s favourite sons.

We salute you stonebwoy. Even though your brother did not see you become the man you are now and even though your mother did see you walk again, know that they are watching you and they are as proud as we are. BHIM!!!


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