Zylofon Media is once again all over the news over the capture of Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale. The Entertainment group is set to unveil the superstar sometime today. There has been several reports about the details of the deal. has compiled the full lists of incentives used in wooing Ghana’s self-acclaimed dancehall king. Before we delve into that lets try to understand the mindset of Nana Mensah Appiah and his brainchild Zylofon Media. This will help us also understand why the young man is splashing millions of dollars in the creative industry as a whole.

Before the capture of any major act Nana Mensah Appiah explains his vision and pitch his ideas himself to that act. Over the weekend he was pictured alongside Shatta Wale “explaining” himself. He did the same thing with Stonebwoy. Zylofon Media wants to create a united and dominant force in the entertainment and creative industry as a whole. In doing so, they want to gather all the best technical, managerial and creative talents under one roof. They are also bent on creating proper structures and institutions in place to harness full potential of the talents and their value. This will help all the stakeholders compete globally, wins all round. The money is not only used to capture the acts but it also helps develop them further and manage them better to produce impeccable content.The entertainment industry is worth billions around the world and every country or market has their own advantage. The British and the United States used their prowess and wealth to create quality products whiles the likes of China, India and Nigeria depend on their huge domestic markets. Zylofon media aims to organise themselves and produce quality talent which can penetrate several markets especially Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

These words were whispered into Shatta Wale in a style he understands and boom. The money and incentives did not hurt either.

It is alleged that the Shatta Movement boss will be taking home a juicy package.

He will be taking whopping $1.5million .

A house

and a car worth his standards. Nana Mensah compared Shatta Wale’s eye to that of a Rolls Royce car in his recent IG post. Shatta Wale liked the comments saying his “chairman” has got good eyes.


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