Ghana’s favourite comedy hero Lilwin posted a picture and video of himself in what seems to be a matriculation ceremony. The event took place at the Abeam Institute of Technology in Kasoa. A joyous Lilwin did not fail to live up to expectations as he dazzled at the ceremony. The multitalented actor danced and showed his singing prowess during the ceremony. The institute is owned by entrepreneur film maker and producer Abbeam Danso. The renowned producer is also chancellor of the institute. Lilwin rise to fame and dominance in the movie industry has been an inspiration to many. His life story is one of grass to grace. Late last year he revealed how much he has suffered before he finally made a mark for himself in the movie industry. The maverick actor revealed that at a point in his life, he took more than 11 injections a day just to survive. He also revealed how much of a blessing his mother has been in his life sticking with him through thick and thin. It came as no surprise when he rewarded her with a house.

He told this story when he faced several controversies which ranged from him being accused of engaging in ritualism, his tattered relationship with his wife, his parting ways with ex bestie Kwaku Manu and the theft of the one corner song. This he said shows how tough he was and that he would not allow the rumours to define him.

Lilwin follows actors’ guild president Bill Asamoa who enrolled at the Christian Service University last two years. Lilwin following suite will definitely inspire more actors and celebrities to further their education. Also, what Kwadwo Nkansah has done will serve as an inspiration to many of his peers and sets him apart to become a decent role model to many Ghanaian youth. Kudos!


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