Kwadwo Nkansah popularly known in showbiz as Lilwin made a shocking revelation about his past at the Kumasi based radio station Silverfm. The actor/musician said that growing up for him was very tough. This he said was because his family was very poor. Things got even worse when he had to be hospitalised because of a serious illness he contracted. This disease eventually left his mother with nothing. Lilwin narrated how he had to receive 15 injection shots daily. He could also not walk but had to move around in a wheelchair.
Lilwin also recounted a situation that left his mother terrified when they were attacked by some ragging cows. All hell broke loose and everybody was running for their lives but he couldn’t because of his illness. The cows only surrounded him and they eventually left causing him no harm. The ace actor also narrated his time as a sawmill operator and how tough those times were. He used the platform to pay tribute to his mother and the numerous things she has done for him.
Kwadwo Nkansah has been in the media recently over several allegations. Among them is his failed marriage and infidelities, allegations about occultism, stealing patapaa’s one corner song, his alleged beef with fellow actor Kwaku Manu and the allegations of arrogance by producers. He stressed that it is because of his past that he is unfussed by these negative reports that are increasingly gaining weight. This type of reports he noted can affect players in the entertainment industry especially actresses but he is above that.

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