Popular movie star Koo Fori whose real name is Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari won the hearts of many in the 2000s with his sterling performances in the local sitcom Efiewura. He has however been missing in action for quite some time now and the movie industry has suffered a great loss ever since his absence. Not much is known about his decision to retire from the Ghanaian scene but the unprofitable nature of the industry has turned many away from it and Koo Fori may not be any different. Another factor may be the sudden demise of his wife. Koo Fori himself admitted in an interview with Delay that he is finding it very difficult to get over her death.

We have in the past seen many stars result to begging for money just to survive after retiring or fading away. No tears should however be shed for this particular legend who looks perfectly Okay from the looks of things. Koo Fori now lives in the United States where he enjoys sharing his life with the world through his Instagram page. In the pictures, Koo Fori is still the same old exciting character we know him to be and even more. It is unclear what he actually does now and whether he is even still an actor. But rest assured will give you the exclusives as we get them.

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