Nana Abena Korkor names top politicians and Journalists she has slept with


Do you remember Nana Abena Korkor Addo back in 2015? She is the formal Student of the University of Cape Coast who is known for her notorious for naked pictures and video all over the internet. There big speculation back then of her mental state not so sound, well she back again with yet other explosive revelation. This time she is calling out the names of top politicians and jounalists that she has slept with and the amount they paid for sure pleasures.

She reveal this on a facebook post

“My journey of becoming a gynecologist and sex therapist. I have sampled a lot of men. Not less than 40. Only 4 caught my heart, Peter, Ben, coded, Manny!.There’s something about Aquarius men that weakens me. My kryptonite Everyone else I am figuring out something but you always have to play the love or money card to fit in”She wrote

She went to say how much money some of these men of high status in our society paid just to sleep with her.

“………. usually pays 2000 per session…………..too 3000 or 2000 and political talk……… I put up a personality who is in love. It gets to me sometimes. That guy has a big d*ck……… big dick doesn’t know to u know what I mean

Flaskickk, first guy to make me come while he was on top. I can only come when I am on top……… u couldn’t make it better lack next time….Men in power, try to play games all the time”

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