Lilwin is somewhat Ghana’s hottest kumawood star. His multi-talent attribute has prolonged his reign in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. The actor/artise is never short of controversy. Lilwin like the star he is stole the show at fellow actor Wayoosi’s mother’s funeral. Several actors and other stakeholders of the movie industry graced the occasion. None of them however shined like Lilwin. He was crowded immediately on his arrival. Lilwin being Lilwin performed many antics to the admiration and delight of his fans.

The situation turned sour however when the crowd became unbearable. Fans did all they could to engage their favourite comedian and some of them resulted to doing anything to get shots of or with him. The actor’s entourage on seeing the situation pulled him back into his car. The car tried to speed off but it was not easy because the crowd had flooded the place. Some aggressive fans who had also not had enough of the star got into their own vehicle and chased the star. This led the crowd running helter-skelter. The disorderly movements almost resulted in an accident. The chasing car nearly knocked down several youngsters at the scene.

The event continued without any bad incident. The situation however left many in shock.


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