Lilwin has refuted claims that the fate of the movie industry solely rest on the shoulders of one individual. The movie industry has seen a downward slump in fortunes in recent times. And the ace actor has come to state that he refuses to believe that the industry’s misfortunes was because one person was left out. He equally disbelieves that one person can resurrect the industry, what he believes is that it can bounce back only through planned effort and collaboration. This comes at the back of Agya Koo claiming on several occasions and platforms that the dwindling in fortunes is as a result of him being side-lined by the movie producers. Agya Koo said at those platforms that he believes he is the missing piece needed to revive the industry and he will surely restore the industry to its glorious days. Several producers have also dispelled Agya Koo assertion stating that creativity, theft, threat of technology and investment are the problems facing the industry not Agya Koo. Agya Koo was at a time the poster boy of the Kumawood industry and arguably the most successful. He however fell out of favour with producers who claim he became arrogant something the actor claims to be falsehood.

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